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Norvotrop 191aa HGH, 10iu/vial X 10 vials (1 kit)


Norvotrop is a way to supplement the natural human growth hormone for people who may be deficient in this hormone. Some people do not naturally produce enough human growth hormone and use Norvotrop to elevate their HGH and IGF-1 levels. Norvotrop made by secretion technology, is identical to the natural human growth hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland. Norvotrop is an exact replica of the amino acid sequence of natural human growth hormone that is made by the pituitary (191 aa sequence).

Norvotrop is an inject able hormone that should be injected into the fatty subcutaneous layer, directly below the skin. You should receive training from your health care team on the correct procedures for self injection, and on how best to inject Norvotrop effectively, and safely. It is reconstituted, or mixed, with plain sterile water prior to an injection.

Place of Origin: Russia